How To Check If Your Roof Is Leaking

As a homeowner, you know there is a lot of maintenance and money that goes into maintaining a property. Whether you are a new homeowner, or a seasoned property investor, our team is here to educate you on the signs of a weathered home. Here are some quick tips to determine if your roof is in need of a repair or replacement.

  1. Have you noticed any water stains or damp spots? This can often look like a big puddle on the ceiling that is sometimes brown in color. However, the color can range depending on the significance of the leak. With this in mind, if you notice any discoloration on your ceiling, be assure to assess for moisture, mold, or other signs of a leak.

  2. Have you seen any crumbling roof shingles? Over time, shingles reach a life expectancy and break to apart into pieces. A noticeable sign of this weathering is when shingles begin to crumble.

  3. Have you noticed that some of your shingles have become loose? As shingles age over time, the sealant expires and the shingles begin to loosen. The sealant no longer acts as an adhesive and as a result can lead to damaged or missing shingles.

  4. Have you noticed some shingles have begun too curl? Many roofing shingles from IKO and BP have a reputation of bad quality and only last up to 5-10 years. After this, the sun causes the shingles to curl and fall off. Unfortunately, a roof in this condition will not stand the test of time.

  5. Have you seen any moss growth? This is a clear sign that the shingles no longer contain the moss repellent. Unfortunately, this means the moss could grow across the entire roof siding and the trim boards. This could also put you at risk of having your insurance being dropped due to negligence.

Be sure to let us know if you guys have any questions! Our team hopes this was helpful and that we could assist in making your property management duties a little easier.

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