Why Is My Chimney Leaking?

One common reason for chimney leaks is due to improper flashing. Flashing is what keeps the water from going through at the place where the chimney meets the roof. There is a large gap between the bricks and the roof and water will poor through that opening if it is not sealed correctly.

A lot of times, when flashing a chimney, contractors will caulk the entire chimney. Unfortunately, this is not an effective technique and over time the sun will cause the caulk to dry up. As a result, water will begin to get through that large gap and your chimney will begin to leak.

Another common reason a chimney may leak is due to squirrel damage. Squirrels will often use their teeth to eat the lead causing holes. Over time, these holes can result in leaks in your chimney. One solution to this particular problem is using copper flash detail instead of aluminum.

A leak in the chimney crowning can also be the reason for a chimney leak. The crowning is the cement part at the top of the chimney. In many cases, the purpose of a chimney crown is to keep the rain out. With this in mind, if you have cracks in your chimney crown, rain is most likely beginning to come in through those cracks.

Here are some simple signs to know if your chimney is leaking:

  • You have noticed water or moisture inside of the firebox

  • You have noticed cracks on the interior or exterior masonry of the chimney

  • You have observed water stains, moisture, or leaks on walls or ceilings around the chimney

  • You often smell a musty odor after it rains

  • You have heard dripping sounds coming from the chimney

As always, be sure to reach out and let our team know if you have any questions!

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